Sunday, July 26, 2009

AVIVA mis-sells insurance policies BEWARE

Kindly forward this mail to all your contacts and help to safeguard their interest and their hard earned money, with a cc to me and

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Devesh Chandra Misra <>
Date: 2009/7/25
Subject: NON payment of my money for NSG1184318

I simply want my money back, invested with your company in insurance policy no NSG1184318.
I have number of times informed you that your representative Mr. Siddarth Chauhan & Mr. Amit Jauhari had taken Rs.48000 to be invested in a insurance policy as one time investment with returns of more than bank's rate.
They (Mr. Siddarth Chauhan & Mr. Amit Jauhari) had promised me that after 3 years I will get my money back with interest, with an assurance that they will help me in getting my money back after the said period. They had provided with me their visiting card, which mentions 'Siddarth Chauhan - Personal Banker' of ABN-AMRO, the mobile no on the card is '9935092047'. Which whenever dialed after the the 3 years time period says the "customer you are trying is not reachable".

On approaching your office situated at Sapru marg I was informed that my money is forfeited and will not be returned. On being asked I lodged a written complaint (dt:26/06/2009) giving all the details and promises made to me while investing.

The result of this complaint was that I received two phone calls on 1/jul/09 & 03/jul/09 wherein they again confirmed the details and assured of faster action.

On 03/jul/09 I received two letters, first stating that investigation is on and will inform, the second letter of the same date received, mentioning number of conditions and informed their inability to cancel the said poicy with a request to stay invested.

I would like to point out that issuing two letters on the same date raises doubts over authenticity of the investigation, then when I visited your office you have told me that you are not aware about the whereabouts of the said representatives ( Mr.Siddarth Chauhan & Mr. Amit Jauhari) then how could you discuss my case with them ?

It seems you and your representatives are in connivance and sell the insurance policies by misrepresentation & suppression of facts, misinforming customers, defrauding and cheating the customer's confidence causing monetary harm and mental torture.

I hope a better sense will prevail and looking into the good business-practices you may act fast to remit my money back.

Hoping to hear positively from you,

I was given a receipt no.

Devesh Chandra Misra

P.S. I am forwarding the copy of this mail to all my contacts with a CAUTION to beware of AVIVA and its representatives, so they may not suffer like me.

Devesh Chandra Misra

Reminder sent to AVIVA on 06/AUG/2009
Reminder No1.
Till this time I have not received back my money invested with you, neither you have informed me by what time I would receive the same.

You are requested to expedite the issue.

Response received from AVIVA regarding my reminder no.1. (on 07/Aug/2009)

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us.

Your message has reached our Customer Services Team and you can expect a
response from us in this regard within next two working days*.
*Please note that we are not working on Saturdays, Sundays and public

"If your enquiry/ concern is of an urgent nature, then please feel free to
call our Customer Service Helpline at 1-800-180-2266 from your MTNL or BSNL
line (available Monday - Saturday 8am to 10pm, except on public holidays)."

Yours Sincerely
Aviva Life Insurance Co.India Ltd.

Aviva Tower, Sector Road, Opp Golf Course,
DLF - Phase V, Sector - 43,
Gurgaon 122 003
Tel# 91-124-2709000-01 Fax# 91-124-2571210

Letter sent to AVIVA on 07/Aug/2009.
I simply want my money back and in none of your correspondences you have not mentioned what is the status of my getting my money back.

Kindly send me the details of in writing :

1. How would I get my money back?
2. How much amount will I get back?
3. By what time I will get my amount?
4. What is required on my behalf to do to get my amount back?

Please answer the above queries specifically.

An early reply would be taken as good business practice.

/Devesh Chandra Misra.

PS. In one of your letter you said you could not reply in two days time, if you go through the letter carefully you may be astounded that its a "REMINDER NO.1" not a fresh letter.

Friday, July 24, 2009

India's foreign policy

India is an exceptional country as far its friends or allies are concerned. To my opinion there are no friends of India, may be the politicians may have an distorted view. You look around the continent, they say Nepal, Sri Lanka are there friends, but, you have to just visit these countries to know the reality, the hostility will be noticeable.

There was a time during Chinese Aggression way back in 1962 when the same situation was quite evident. The American Seventh Fleet came to help but, the same Seventh Fleet was there against India's war in Bangladesh, then Russian Navy came to India's respite.

How they messed with Sri Lanka is the latest example of unclear thinking. It well known that at first you trained LTTE so they may fight for there right, then you switched sides, during Rajiv Gandhi era, and tried to play 'big brother' by sending IPKF to fight the same LTTE along with Sri Lankan forces. The IPKF was not prepared and neither they were briefed properly with intelligence inputs. They were only told that "they (LTTE) are our boys you need not fear from them". What happened? IPKF suffered heavy casualties and had to be withdrawn. IPKF were restrained and had to take clearance before shooting the troubling soldiers. There was no one who could issue direct orders, all the orders were Delhi controlled. In such situations (war) if soldier cannot shoot when enemy is encountered, then it is easy to asses the outcome. There were some states within the country (so called united India) who were blatantly opposing the sending of IPKF. The recent elimination of Sri Lankan internal problem of LTTE was possible with the Chinese help, not Indian, and China went out to protect Sri Lanka against any global admonishments. Now if China has gained Naval Base at southern tip of Sri Lanka you become apprehensive and have lost a possible ally.

Take the case of Nepal, you just cross into Nepal and you will know that Indians are most hated and have to bear the grunt. Why one gets treated like this in so called friendly nation ? The answer is thew same , because of our unclear foreign policy and taking things for granted. When Nepal looks for support India behaves with lot of uncertainties and non-dependable statements and attitude. You try to treat Nepal as your protege and think they will are bound to bow before you no matter how late and with what impunity you act. Every country has its own think-tanks , and when Nepal gets easier and more reliable support from China, you feel that they are not treating you well.

As far as Bangla Desh is concerned it is evident that India wished to divide and lessen the power of Pakistan. It was a right decision to send Indian army to help Muji-bur-Rehman and help forming of Bangla Desh. Again what happened, because of your unclear and rigid stands and more over non dependability Bangla Desh started looking else where. The situation ultimately turned so ugly that you needed to erect fencing at the border and skirmishes erupted. India was not able to take the benefits of the good job done by Indian army.

Look at Pakistan, does India has a clear and sticky foreign policy ever since independence, the answer is big NO. Sometimes under world pressure you timidly approach your enemy for reconciliation. You meet them in AGRA and they spat on your face. They have a clear policy to defame and disturb your tranquility world over. They can defend themeselves even after state sponsored terrorisim and no one listenes to your pleadings that you were SLAPPED. You keep on crying and showing your wounds before the world just to gain sympathy. DID AMERICA PESPONDED TO 9/11 WITH A DIALOGUE ? No it reacted with vengeance and a war. You look at INDIAN POLICY, it cares more for world opinion and reaction. Why anybody else should react - are you incapable or incapacitated. Recently much learned and respected Manmohan Singh and thought to be as an able politician fell in trap of Pakistan regarding Baluchistan and on top of it is now justifying and has blamed media coverage.

With China you are still in doldrums regarding a clear and long-sighted foreign policy, the result is in every decade your foreign ministers visit China with a cloudy vision and come back empty handed. On contrary China is very clear with its foreign policy and if it looks after its countries interest in the bargain no one should feel bad. They have DEVELOPED allies and are keeping their policies clear whether it be Pakistan, Sri Lanka or other allies.

India needs to look around the world and shop for allies with their dignity and interests in mind. They have to stick to clearer policies and the biggest need is to stick to them and be seen as DEPENDABLE. Why ? because no body wants an undependable friend.

You just look around the world, can you name a single country in the entire world who is a strong ally of India even after so many years of independence.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

USA being milked by Pakistan over Taliban issue..

World knows that the Pakistan is the terror industry except USA. I fail to understand, what the USA wants to achieve by blindly helping a terror state. Lately USA military advisers have confirmed the view that Pakistan's role is dubious in controlling Taliban.

Pakistan secures funds, arms, and political support from USA on the pretext of fighting terrorism and helping US forces. But why USA turns blind eye to this fact loses credibility of US government.

How smartly Pakistan twists the arm of USA that it continues to fall in the same old trap repeatedly. Why is USA is so fearful of Pakistan withdrawing support of its forces in fighting terrorism ? Its million dollar question.

Probably the strategic location of Pakistan is all important. From the bases in Pakistan, USA forces can better control Afghanistan, Russia, China and India.

There policy of pampering Pakistan has been continuing in post Kennedy era. All the funds, arms and ammunition supplied by USA are and have clandestinely being utilized for helping terrorists. This translates to US itself wants terror outfits to go strong and utilize their strength to achieve some surreptitious goals. What can be those goals - to control China & India and reduce their controlling power.

Pakistan is also smart enough to utilize its China Card as an ATM for getting US co-operation and support. China has also found a good ally who will kowtow their interests in the region. Its well known fact that in developing a nuclear bomb who all helped this terror state.

USA should realize that Pakistan can never become an ally like ISRAEL. Its known for its dubious distinction.

It would not be out of context to say that Pakistan is milking USA by being friend in disguise.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stagflation and Indian Economy

The Global stagflation, is the price the world economy has to pay for the American misadventures (War). They are still burning their tax-payers money resulting in the present crisis. (refer: Global Recession a by-product of WAR).

To fight recession there are two main alternatives before any regulatory authority - increase money supply or tighten monetary policy, both of these steps have their side effects.

If, Money Supply is increased, although it stimulates economy and generates employment but it increases INFLATION.

Now, if the Monetary Policy is tightened, no doubt it will increase interest rates (promoting savings) and reduce inflation but it increases unemployment plus it reduces Output Growth.

Due to the good standard operating procedures (SOPs) of Reserve Bank of India(RBI), and Nationalization of Banks ( by Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister), Indian economy has stronger roots. The impact of recession is felt all over the globe and so to some extent by Indian Economy.

RBI is walking a tight rope and doing the balancing act between inflation and growth, but injury takes time to heal. The recovery phase may start by the end of 1st. Quarter and may be visible by 2nd.Quarter i.e. late July'09.

Every situation has a positive silver lining. In this situation Long Term Investors ( Min. 3-5 yrs. of Investment) definitely stand to gain. Invest as you would invest in a 5 yr. FIXED DEPOSIT.

Small investors should stay away from day-trading and at best can take risk with Short Term Investments i.e. picking at levels of under 2710 and booking profits at 2910+ levels. (Ref: NSE Equity Trading Tips)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

USA not a dependable friend of INDIA

When the foolish Indian politicians will realize that history is a proof of USA’s bias for Pakistan. Further had ever in the history US has supported India for anything?

As compared to USA the more dependable ally is Russia. US has always acted only for self interest and their views, rules are different for different countries.

Since Pakistan will serve their interest of waging onslaught against Taliban how can one think that it will give fair judgment even if Pakistan is grossly proven terror hub.

India should not depend on USA as a friend or ally.